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Large selection of Halawa

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Halva (halawa) is a middle eastern sweet. Find it in our Orlando store.

Halawa or Halva is a Middle Eastern sweet made from sesame paste (Tahini), sugar and halawa extract. With its delicious crumbly texture and nutty flavor Halawa is consumed almost daily on Middle Eastern homes. It is consumed for breakfast with bread, sliced bananas, and honey and/or eaten by itself as a snack. Halawa even though it is high in calories it is considered to be a good source of energy just as peanut butter, do to majority of unsaturated fats.

Nowadays halawa comes in all sorts of flavors. You may find plain Halawa, Halawa with chunks of pistachios, chocolate Halawa, chewy Halawa and even a healthier alternative diet Halawa. Alkanater Halawa has gained recognition internationally for its high quality and natural food product. We invite you to try this delightful sweet.

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