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Ashoka Brings a Complete Range of Ready-To-Eat Indian Foods

100% vegetarian, gluten free and with no preservatives

Ashoka ready-to-eat Indian foods.

Indian cuisine is known for its rich spices and flavorful dishes. With Ashoka the worlds Indian food leader brand you will discover the authentic flavors of India. Ashoka brings a complete range of ready-to-eat Indian foods. They are 100% vegetarian, gluten free and with no preservatives. They can be prepared in minutes simply by putting bags in boiling water or a microwave.

You can choose from a variety of dishes such as, the Shahi Rajma a Royal delicacy of red kidney beans curry, Aloo Matar green peas in sauce and kashmiri dum aloo; baby potatoes in a spicy curd.

Come visit our Store and try Ashoka products, the original taste of India. 

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