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British Products in Orlando
British Products in Orlando, FL.

At our Orlando grocery store, you will find a vast selection of imported British sweets such as Aero, Kit Kat, Mars, Crunchie, and Flake.

Visit our Orlando store at:

International Food Club

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Featuring Shan brand products
Pakistani Supermarket Near Orlando, FL.

Come visit us and find your favorite Pakistani products, including big name brands like Shan. We also offer many other selections from around the world.

Visit our store at:

International Food Club
4300 L

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Bread variety includes mini, thin, and regular
Village Bread & Bagel Pita Breads in Orlando.

Get your fresh favorite pita bread in our Orlando store!

Village bread & Bagel offers several bread selections including mini, thin, and regular pita bread. They are available in white or whole wheat.

Regular pita bread loa

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Renowned brands
Wholegrain, white, brown basmati rice in Orlando.

Basmati Rice long and thin grains are known for their nutty flavor and nice aroma. This type of rice can be only cultivated at the foothills of the Himalayas making it so distinctive and unique. This rice is enriched with vitamins and minerals and

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100% vegetarian, gluten free and with no preservatives
Ashoka ready-to-eat Indian foods.

Indian cuisine is known for its rich spices and flavorful dishes. With Ashoka the worlds Indian food leader brand you will discover the authentic flavors of India. Ashoka brings a complete range of ready-to-eat Indian foods. They are 100% vegetari

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