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Pakistani Food Near You
pakistani grocery store near me

Find the best products from the best brands and prepare your favorite pakistan meals.

Visit us at our supermarket located in orlando at 4300 LB McLeod Rd. Orlando, FL 32811

Call us at: 321-281-4300

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Valid until May 2, 2022
Get 10% Off On The Last Three Days Of Ramadan

Our Orlando store has 10% off on most of your favorite products, excluding breads, rice, fresh vegetables, flour and other products already on special. Promotion is valid until the end of Ramadan, May 02, 2022.

We invite you to visit us

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Visit us today while they last
Specialty fresh vegetables and fruits.

We have received all your favorite special fruits and vegetables. Come visit us and find Persian cucumbers, baby eggplants, baby zucchini, quince, plums, dates, fava beans, almonds, grape leaves, and many more.

Visit us today at

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May Ramadan bring you prosperity & joy
May Ramadan bring you prosperity & joy

At International Food Club, you'll find a wide variety of delicious foods from over 30 countries around the world! Shop at our Orlando store or online. We also carry fresh produce and all the food and products to prepare for b

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Buy your favorite products directly from your location
Ethnic Groceries Online Store in Orlando

We have partnered with 'Commerce Foods' online store to offer your favorite products & to deliver them to your doorstep. Find your favorite brands and international groceries that you could order online. Large selection of products.

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We Invite You To Visit Our Store Soon
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