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Handpicked finest natural Medjool dates

Medjool dates are one of the most popular date varieties in the worlds' market. These dates offer a very nice and attractive appearance, are up to 30g each, have a delicious caramel-like sweet taste, and are very soft.

Medjool dates are...

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Also known as amardeen or qamar al-din

El Shalati is one of the best dried apricot fruit paste sheet product in the market. It is made with apricots that are cultivated in the region in Syria. It has a great taste and may offer many benefits to human body including skin and eye health....

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Baby eggplant, small okra, fresh almonds, and zucchini

Prepare delicious meals for your family with our selection of fresh fruits and vegetables available at our Orlando store. Find fresh baby eggplants, baby okra, zucchini, fresh green almonds, among others.

We invite you to visit our store...

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Peppermint water, rose water, orange blossom water, pomegranate molasses, and much more

At our Orlando grocery store, you may find a vast selection of high quality premium waters and molasses food products from renowned brands such as Cortas from Lebanon.

Among the products that you could find in our supermarket are mint water,...

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Pickled cucumbers, jams, sugar cubes, grape leaves, molasses, teas, yogurt drink, and tomato paste

Have you ever tried Zarrin products? Zarrin range of products are known to be high quality and tasteful. You can find a vast assortment of Zarrin products at our store in Orlando.

Come and take a look.

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